Business Water


The water market in England has been deregulated, giving businesses the chance to tap into savings and other opportunities.

Since April 2017, eligible businesses and other non-domestic customers in England are now able to choose their supplier of water and wastewater retail services. How it will affect your business will depend on the individual requirements of each business. Nevertheless, and in a competitive market, customers will be able to negotiate with retailers for the best price and service package to suit their needs and requirements.

The greater choice, the more the customers can expect to save money and save water through lower bills and increased water efficiency. Tailored services and bundled packages could also see customers benefit from better deals for their organization.

A competitive water market is also expected to deliver substantial financial benefits to the UK economy as well as lead to significant environmental benefits too.

Why switch your supplier?

A wider choice of tariffs

Lower water rates

Better standards of service

Advice on saving water

You will still benefit from the same water quality

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Business Water

The water industry in England has been deregulated since 1 April 2017, giving the businesses the chance to tap into savings and other opportunities.

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